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How to use sea moss

How to use sea moss

Sea moss is an extraordinary marine product. It is extremely healthy and grows in a variety of colors, nutrients and habitats. Consuming sea moss, also known as Chondrus crispus or Irish moss, provides a huge amount of health benefits that the human body needs! Namely 92 of the 102 minerals. 

In this blog we will talk about the substances in which sea moss can be consumed. This way you can get the benefits of sea moss in gel form, capsules, gummies or drops.

What to make with sea moss?

People usually consume Sea Moss by blending it into smoothies or using it in capsule form. Additionally, Sea Moss gummies and drops and tinctures are becoming more popular. It is unclear which of these methods works better than the others.

Sea Moss Gel

The superfood sea moss raw is transformed into a gel by first being soaked in water, making it swell up to 3x its size. It is then washed and cleaned numerous times to eliminate any contaminations.

Since it comes from the ocean, washing it can remove impurities. Afterwards, it is then blended with water until it turns smooth and creamy. Finally, it is refrigerated and later turned into a gel.

Sea Moss Capsule

In comparison, making Sea Moss capsules is simpler and quicker. This involves drying the plant, grinding it into a fine powder and encapsulating it. The result is a much faster process than making the gel form.

Irish sea moss gummies

Sea Moss Gummies

Sea Moss Gummies are an incredibly convenient way to consume sea moss and get its beneficial minerals and vitamins quickly. Plus, you can combine other herbs with it to create a dietary powerhouse. Studies have shown that the body absorbs this combination much faster than with traditional methods.

Sea Moss Drops

Sea Moss Drops are the latest natural supplement that has become popular, it’s extracted and cold pressed into liquid form. There isn’t enough data to measure how fast it’s absorbed yet but other natural drop supplements suggest that absorption should happen quickly.

Gel vs. Capsules

To understand which form of Sea Moss our body absorbs better, we need to first consider how our bodies process medications. The Orlando Clinical Research Center suggests that it takes at least half an hour for us to metabolize meds in capsules. If the situation is complex, it may take a longer time to get a satisfactory result.

When consumed in a gel form, Sea Moss can take longer to be absorbed by the body because it has to pass through the digestive system. On the other hand, taking capsules is much more efficient as they immediately enter the bloodstream and provide faster results.

Capsules with sea moss powder


If Sea moss does not suit your palate, taking it in the form of capsules is an ideal way to reap its health benefits. Alternatively, you can add Sea Moss gel to food and drinks for a unique taste experience without compromising on nutrients. To obtain the health benefits of sea moss more efficiently, we suggest the immune booster: elderberry sea moss gummies.

Exotic sea moss provides you with many special sea moss products and 100% natural wildcrafted sea moss. We offer them in capsules, raw, gel, drops, gummies and powder variants. All these products are organically hand-picked with love and passion.

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