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Chondrus crispus is an edible marine algae that commonly grows in intertidal zones along the European and North American Atlantic coastlines. It’s a nutritious superfood, containing several essential nutrients not found in other foods. 

Sea moss is an ideal ingredient for vegans as it acts as a carrageenan, used to thicken and emulsify food products. It’s also known for its versatility and is commonly used by manufacturers of all sorts of foods.

At home, consuming sea moss is more likely to be in the form of supplements instead of as an ingredient in recipes. Contrary to its name, sea moss is not always green. It comes in a variety of colors like yellow, red, brown and even black. The most common type is the red one which is known as Irish moss.

Top 5 health benefits of sea moss

1. May support thyroid health

The thyroid gland is tasked with producing a variety of hormones responsible for growth, energy, reproduction and repair. To properly perform these functions, the thyroid needs certain nutrients like iodine and tyrosine (an amino acid). 

Different types of seaweed contain differing levels of iodine and selenium, and the amount present may be altered depending on the way the seaweed is preserved or cooked.

2. May support gut health

Seaweed is a great source of dietary fiber, which is made up of polysaccharides. Despite humans’ inability to digest this type of fiber, it serves well as a prebiotic for the advantageous bacteria present in our gut. This is because it provides them with an essential food source. 

Providing the right nutrients to our gut bacteria helps maintain an ideal environment for those beneficial microorganisms that offer us the best advantages. These bacteria also play a huge role in maintaining our health by creating compounds known as short chain fatty acids.

3. May support immunity

Sea Moss is tough and resilient due to its adaptation to the coastal environment. This enables it to possess very high levels of fortification in order to survive in such challenging conditions. Incorporating foods that are rich in phytochemicals into your diet can significantly boost your immune system functioning and help protect you from infection. Eating these foods can also modulate your body’s response to fighting off illness and provide other positive health benefits.

4. May improve blood sugar control

A healthy and balanced diet containing seaweed may help with maintaining blood sugar levels, thereby decreasing the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. Studies are backing this up. Scientists believe that certain compounds found in seaweed, such as carotenoid and fucoxanthin, aid in reducing insulin resistance and controlling blood sugar levels. Additionally, the good amount of fiber present in seaweed can help slow down digestion.

5. May support heart health

Seaweed, particularly sea moss, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for optimal health, especially regarding cardiovascular health. These acids are not capable of being generated by the body and must be obtained through food sources. Research indicates that consuming seaweed can help to balance cholesterol levels, as well as acting as a natural blood thinner.

This lifestyle choice may be beneficial in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Sea moss has gained quite a bit of attention in the health and wellness sector recently. However, the majority of studies on this topic have used alternative species of seaweed, so further research is necessary to fully understand its health benefits when consumed as part of one’s diet.

Is sea moss safe for everyone?

Being rich in iodine can be very beneficial for those who don’t eat meat. As iodine helps support thyroid health, it’s important to maintain a balanced intake of seaweed. Having too much could result in negative effects. It’s important to have a balanced and healthy diet. Those who are taking medications such as warfarin to thin their blood may need to monitor the amount of vitamin K-rich foods, like seaweed, in their diet. This helps them maintain a consistent amount and is usually suggested by a GP or dietitian.

Sea moss is a good source of potassium, which can interact with certain medications that aim to raise the potassium levels in the blood. If you’re taking these kinds of medications, consuming foods containing high amounts of potassium, such as seaweed, should be done with caution.

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