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Purple Sea Moss Raw

What is purple sea moss raw?

Purple sea moss raw is a product that is made from a type of seaweed called purple sea moss. This seaweed is collected by farmers in the Caribbean. It’s harvested, then natrually sundried, and then sold into this raw product. Purple sea moss, like all its color companions, is very good for the human body.

This type of sea moss is mainly found in the coastal areas of the island of Saint Lucia. Because the Caribbean sea is incredibly rich in nutrients and has a fairly warm sea temperature, sea moss can thrive there.

Purple sea moss in the ocean

Health benefits of purple sea moss

Sea moss raw in general can help the body to increase blood circulation in the body and relieves inflammation, hyperpigmentation, eczema, arthritis pain, muscle pain, back pain, headaches and joint stiffness. 

Incredibly, sea moss has been shown to contain 92 of the 102 minerals and vitamins that a human body needs. You can understand that the list of ingredients is long, but here are a few: zinc, calcium, iodine, potassium, vitamin B complex, sodium sulfur (chronic), silicon and iron.

Take the step and benefit

Purple sea moss raw is a great product for people who want to improve, strengthen their health or cleanse their body. It is a wildcrafted natural product that has not been processed with chemicals and is therefore becoming very popular.

People today are more aware of what they eat and especially how healthy it is. With the addition of sea moss, this quest is over! With one tablespoon a day you do a lot of good for your own health. So don’t hesitate.. it’s new and unknown but take the step and benefit!

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